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> The Welfare Client Data Systems (WCDS) Consortium is pleased to announce the intention to release a Request for Proposal (RFP) for goods and services related to the maintenance and operations (M & O) of the WCDS systems. Interested parties may obtain additional information on the procurement website at

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  • Electronic Inter-County Transfer Capability - Live Across California!
  • CalWIN Imaging a Win Win in San Diego
  • Ventura County Article Published in Star newspaper on 10/28/2009
  • 2009 - 7th Annual County Surveys are in!
  • San Luis Obispo County - Help for Displaced Families
  • San Luis Obispo County - Recognizing Workers
  • Sonoma County - Robin's Story
  • Orange County - A Time to Smile
  • San Luis Obispo Automated Progress
  • Orange County - Client to Worker
  • Fresno County CalWIN Exceptional
  • San Diego County CalWIN Support During Crisis
  • Fresno County CalWIN Aids Cal-Learn
  • Orange County Better Screening
  • Orange County CalWIN and me
  • Orange County CalWINNING!
  • Orange County – Less filing, More productive
  • San Luis Obispo County CalWIN Experiences
  • Sonoma County – Services @ Your Fingertips
  • Ventura County CalWIN System Functionality Success
  • Ventura County Client Success
  • Ventura County – MEDS & Medi-Cal Eligibilty
  • Kudos by Participants in San Luis Obispo County
  • Fresno County - CalWIN Success Story
  • Orange County - CalWORKs South Success Stories
  • Ventura County - CalWIN Provides a
        “Win-Win” Situation
  • Did You Know? Learn More >
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